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The roads to Portland parish aren’t the smoothest driving from Kingston. But don’t let the potholes detour you. Portland is a real gem. It is always lush with vegetation. The coconut groves are one of my favorite things to look at out the window. Even when the entire island is experiencing drought Portland seems to be untouched with greenery at every view.

The waterfalls are a sight to see. One of my favorite is Reach Falls. What amazes me the most is the fact that the rivers are actually a deep oceanic blue color. Somerset Fall is nice but a bit over crowded at times. Nanny Falls is not only beautiful but the journey there is so educational. We learned about the Maroon community in Moore Town. It’s definitely worth exploring all the waterfalls.

Beaches to visit are The Blue Lagoon (visiting Monkey Island is a must), Frenchman’s Cove, Winnifred Beach, San San Beach, Boston Beach and Long Bay Beach.


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