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Joyful in Laughing Waters Jamaica

A visit to Jamaica isn’t complete unless you visit Ocho Rios aka “Ochi”. Ocho Rios is a whole different place compared to all the other major cities on the island. If you don’t have a visa you cannot get in, if you know you know. Ochi is filled with everything you want and need from fresh fruits, to beautiful waterfalls and magnificent beaches. There are a few vegan spots that I patronize whenever I’m in town.

Laughing Waters

Laughing Waters can be found in the Roaring River area next to Pearl Beach. I first stayed at Laughing Waters in the early 2000s. It was a family vacation to remember. We had the entire compound for a few days. Which included a private chef which we didn’t utilize. Except for that one morning that she picked breadfruits off the property and roasted them for us. We decided to patronize the local vegan restaurants instead. The beach House decor gave me a Miami Vice feel. On the first floor you can find the living room dining and kitchen. There’s a spiral staircase off the living room which leads to the master bedroom. Now this is my favorite room of them all. Why is that you may ask? because of the magnificent view. When you open the doors leading to balcony you will find the most breathtaking view of the ocean.

My Daughter Anuli
Enjoying the Atmosphere

Last week we had the privilege to stay at the property for a day. This was our third time there. I was honored to have my mother with me this time. I was quite shocked by her reaction. When we walked down the wooden staircase leading to the beach the look of astonishment on her face was priceless. She was in aw and then she said “this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in all my life.” I felt those words in the depths of my soul. It was such an amazing feeling. I’m feeling that money can’t buy.

The Beach at Laughing Waters

It was a beach and river day. I taught Anuli how to float in the beach. We swam in the cold revitalizing pool in the waterfall. Then we eat mangoes under the almond trees.

My mom in the waterfall


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