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Jumping in Blue Hole St. Ann’s

Entrance at Blue Hole

Jumping in Blue Hole is one of those fears that is hard to overcome. Now this was my second time at Blue Hole in St. Ann’s. This attraction is located at the border of St. Ann’s and St. Mary. I was told that there are five entry points to the waterfalls. The first time I visited I entered directly above the falls. But this time around I had to walk from the bottom of the river to the waterfall. That walk was an adventure in itself. There are several area where you have to cross the river. Some part are slippery due to the moisture conditions. I highly recommend that you wear water shoes for this excursion.

When we finally reached to the waterfall and the area to dive in we had to cross the river again. This time by hold tight to a rope to cross the choppy river. It must have rained recently because the water was very forceful.

I was never so afraid of jumping. My family encouraged me to not think about it and just jump but their words were in vain. Then I noticed that my super brave daughter started to clam up. I started to feel bad because I felt like I transferred my fears onto her. After an hour long deliberation we decided to hold hands and jump together. Even though it took us a long time to leap, we did it.

The lesson I learned from this is be careful of how you display your insecurities because your children are always watching. Teach them it’s ok to be afraid but even if the road in life is rough never give up or let their fears hold them back from achieving their goals.


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