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If there is one think I enjoy when I’m home is a long day at the beach or river. I think my love from water started when I has a little girl. My mother would take me to Cosmos in Negril or Doctors Cove in Montego Bay every time she had the opportunity to do so. I learned to swim and float from anyone that was at the beach at that time. Going to the river as a whole event in Jamaica. When water was scarce my grandmother would bring her soiled linen in there to wash. While my grandmother washed the clothes I would swim and try to catch crayfish and sucking stones. It was most fun when my mother was around. We would go with her friend Ray Kerr, to the local waterfall. While the children swam my mother and Ray Kerr would cook.  Swimming can be quite tiring, therefore the meal afterwards filled that void. These are memories that I will cherish forever.


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